Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How Dare I

...just sneak in and post a cowardly Wordless Wednesday after not updating for over 2 months? The nerve. But seriously, the world has only just now stopped spinning fast enough for me to check in with the handful of you who still keep up with my sweetness. I'll try to play catch-up and let you know what we've been up to the past 8 weeks.

We moved into our new home on December 5th. It figures it was the first snow of the year that day, but we all survived and we're starting to get comfy. We've met the neighbors and they all have small children - 3 years old or younger. It's truly perfect for us. Although I've made my husband promise we will not move again for a VERY long time. As a matter of fact, I'd be happy staying here until my kid(s) put me in a retirement home. Just because I HATE moving THAT much.

Christmas was busy but fantastic. We hosted two family get-togethers at the new place and it went smashingly. I got a new Coach bag and wallet, a new coat and a Snuggie (woot!). DH got some gift cards, video games and some books. And Nate got plenty of toys that he dumped aside for the boxes they came in. I only wish the day had lasted longer. I feel like we just decorated our tree and now it is out next to the trash.

Nate is growing and thriving. I can hardly believe he'll be 18 months in just under 3 weeks. He looks less like a baby and more like a big boy everyday. He's still not much of a talker but he is becoming much more expressive so I think a vocabulary explosion may be around the corner. His newest words are "apple", "Grandmom", "dog", "more", "mine" (gotta love that one) and "night-night". Once, he even said "DJ Lance" when watching his favorite bizarro TV show, Yo Gabba Gabba. He can identify his ears and belly button. We're working on nose, mouth, eyes and other body parts. If I hand him a brush and tell him to brush his hair, he will follow my instructions. He can also clean his ears with a Q-Tip (with my assistance, of course) and brush his teeth. He's also starting to give kisses but he often turns away when I get close. Stinker. It's amazing how much he picks up, and how fast. Which is precisely why we now have to be extremely careful about unbecoming language. The last thing I want is for him to repeat sailor-speak after Mommy curses during Guitar Hero.

But, with the good comes the bad. The "terrible twos" have arrived a bit sooner than anticipated here at Chez Sticky. Nate has at least one major temper tantrum a day, usually after a well-deserved "N-O", involving throwing himself on the floor, flailing limbs and screaming at the top of his lungs. It's happened in public a couple of times, to the point where I've had to leave the premises. Yes, I was THAT mom. He has quite a temper and it can be rather. unpredictable. When we took a trip to visit Santa, he was a perfect angel waiting in line but flipped out at the sight of the round, jolly fellow. We did get one decent picture, in which he looks disgusted at our attempts to distract him with glorified dog toys. Just this past weekend, we attempted to get family portraits done but after a particularly horrid meltdown, we left on the brink of tears, empty-handed. As much as I hate how quickly time flies, I can say with certainty, I will NOT miss this stage. It's so hard because I feel like he is too young for a spanking or time out or other methods of behavior modification. So, I am unsure how to handle the situation. Most of the time, I just ignore him and walk away. He will usually come running back to me because he doesn't want to be alone, and most times, he will forget why he was so worked up in the first place. But I do feel chained to the house because of this difficulty. Thankfully, he is sleeping through the night consistently from 8pm to 7am so I can at least have some much-needed me-time.

One last thing...we're still dipping our toes in the water to TTC #2. Nate is still nursing twice a day (at naptime and bedtime), which I believe is interfering with my cycles. I'm only on PPAF #3 since August. Both cycles before the current one were anovulatory, so I'm not expecting much in the way of a surprise BFP. I'm considering calling my OB/GYN about a prescription for Clomid but it would mean weaning. As in the end of our nursing relationship. I just don't think Nate is ready to give it up completely yet. And I feel selfish for even thinking about forcibly weaning him just to try for another baby. So, basically, I'm undecided and I think a call to the doctor will at least give me some options to think about.

All in all, that's been our life the past few months. I've missed you all and plan to write more often in 2010. New Year's Resolution: regain the blogging mojo.


Blankenship Babbles said...

I was beginning to thank you had left the Blogworld for good...that wouldn't be right for my leader to leave me like that :) I've missed you honey...Nate is freaking adorable...I'd love to see pics of your new diggs!!!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Your absence is understandable and of course is forgiven! I can't beleive how big Nate got and he is sti handsome as ever. :) I look forward to seeing you more often around these parts! ((hugs))

LJ said...

So glad to see your words again! Sorry about the tantrums right now. I can't believe he is 18 months!

Katie said...

Welcome back! I was just worried something was wrong, but business. . . I totally understand that!


Oh, and we are doing timeouts when Will is doing undesirable behavior (biting, hitting, etc.). I am honestly NOT sure that it's very effective at this stage, but our ped INSISTS that it is setting groundwork for the future AND that it provides a redirection of whatever he was doing badly in the first place. We put the timer on for 1 minute and he must be physically kept on his timeout mat (but I look away from him and basically ignore him until the minute is up). Then, I make him say sorry. Usually it "works" for behavior modification, BUT I doubt it would work for a tantrum. Anyway, I am right with you, though, it's hard to discipline at this age and the temper on my kid. . . ugh!

K77 said...

Friend of mine is doing Clomid while breastfeeding, happy to ask her for info if you'd like.

With "tantrums", TTG is 17 months and doesn't tend to have that many (but that is compared to TBB :S) What I do is just talk him through it "Oh, you look like you're feeling upset because I won't let you have the xyz and you really wanted it" etc.

lub said...

YAY! I am usual lurker but had to "come out" to say we are glad you are back. Sounds like you are busy and having a ton of fun. What a cutie you have! Hope to hear more soon!