Monday, September 29, 2008

Owie Wowie

You can file this one under TMI but I have to share what's on my mind today.

My nips hurt.

Not the licked-by-a-kitten, scruffy kind of hurt. More like I'm-a-two-dollar-hooker-on-a-good-day kind of sore. Or maybe that would be a bad day? Anyway, you get my drift. I can barely stand the sensation of my breast pads rubbing against them. My first instinct is to cup them and protect them from the elements, until I realize that my hands are capable of afflicting the same agony.

Can we say OWWWWW?! Guess I need to break out the Lanolin again. I haven't needed it since the first week or two after beginning the Great Breastfeeding Expedition.

For the past few days - and nights - Nate has been quite literally attached to my boobs. Big shocker. We all know they are his most favorite toys in the whole wide world, which have the added bonus of providing nourishment. But lately, it's been so bad that should I remove the boob from his mouth, we get maybe 5 minutes of happy time before I have to plug him back up to quell the wailing. Stubborn child won't be satisfied with a pacifier. Should I offer the colorful apparatus, he shoots me a look of disgust, as if to say, "you must be joking, woman. Fetch me a breast and stop this nonsense!". Just when I thought we might be out of the woods with the whole colic thing, I again found my butt firmly implanted in the recliner all weekend with my girls on display. I felt like a human keg.

Growth spurt perhaps? Homeboy has been gnawing on his hands and slobbering profusely whenever he's actually not nursing. Cute, check. Confusing, check. I'm not sure if he just likes the way they taste and feel or if he is truly giving me a hunger cue.

Tell me it's not teething. Not this soon. I beg of you.

Because, if it is, my poor twins may just detach themselves from my body and run off to a land far far away.


Kim said...

Um ow. They make wipes now with lanolin, maybe those would be easier to use all of the time. I hope he's just going throw a growth spurt and that he'll ease up on momma soon!

Fertilized said...

I am very sorry. I just week through a week of that then it turned into a yeast problem .. Use break out that lanolin.

Courtney said...

Oh geeezzz! That is a lot of boob time. I hope it eases up very, very soon. It is so hard when the little ones decide they need to eat so frequently.

My little one has been really into the fist in mouth thing too and I just commented to my husband this evening on the amount of drool she is producing. I hope we are both wrong on the prospect of teething. It's too soon!!!

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

Are our children twins? Maybe its something with the birth date? Lemy did the exact same thing this weekend. And the odd thing is, she was being mostly bottle fed and she has found a new love and appreciation for the boob. To the point where she doesn't really care much for the bottle.

Personally, I think she's starting to feel the effects of early teething. The hands are constantly in the mouth, she's drooling like mad, and she's rubbing her cheeks. I know its not an ear infection (had her checked twice), so I'm thinking that's it. And some babies prefer the boob to the bottle/pacifier because it feels better on their gums.

Hope the girls get better soon. It stinks when they hurt. Bleh.


eggorchicken said...

Ugh that does not sound like fun! :( Hope it's just a short phase that passes soon!

I've often heard that teething can cause problems quite early on, as they teeth moving within the gums can cause discomfort - I know both of my children started with teething signs at about 3 months, but their first teeth only erupted at about 9 months! So it could be teething, but doesn't necessarily mean they'll erupt too soon!

The other thing is that he might be trying to force extra time with you. I know it sounds ridiculous but I've heard countless stories of babies that need constant rocking/cuddling/feeding/attention for a while after the Mommy goes back to work - they're trying to make up for 'lost' time. (Lordy, I'm so not trying to make you feel bad here, I went through the same thing when I went back to work after I had my daughter!)

Either way, gorgeous as they are they're quite fickle at the best of times, so I'd try to relax in the knowledge that he'll move onto another favourite toy in a day or two!!!

GOod luck :)


Topcat said...

Two dollar hooker on a good day. Freaking HILARIOUS!!

Although, having sore boobies is most certainly not funny, and I really hope they are better.

Kristin thank you so very much for your support for Mr TC. My God I appreciate it.

Nathaniel is DIVINORAMO!! Congrats to you!

ps. My word verification is "ahhboy" Cool.

Grad3 said...

Been there and it sucks (no pun intended!)

It could be "pre"teething conbined with a growth spurt- it certainly sounds like it. Keep it mind it can last for weeks and weeks (the teething). P did the something very similar around the same time- Nathan is 8ish weeks right????

I started to notice a "drool rash" on his butt too shortly after- he will 5 months by the end of the week, and still no visible signs of teeth.

They (aka Dr Sears and other moms)say that the whole teething thing is genetic- so perhaps the first tooth will cut somewhere around the time when you and your husbands did.

GL, I know it's hard!!!!

deanna said...

Your boobs have my sympathies! (And, my boobs were reading your post carefully and are already plotting their own getaway....)

Isn't there a trick you can do with breast shells to give the nips some air and space (in the rare moments when they're not been scarfed upon, that is.) I think I remember from my breastfeeding class that you wear them one way for flat nipples, but wear them another way if you just want to keep them from touching your shirt, etc. Maybe that would give you some relief?

Katie said...

I am also going through some sort of growth spurt all-out boob-a-thon with Will. Not sure that makes you feel any better, just know you are not alone. Have you tried Soothies? You can find them at any major grocery or drug store. They are the best $10 I ever spent. Seriously. Keep them in the freezer when you aren't using them and your nips will love you.

Geohde said...

Cringing in sympathy...



Two Hands said...

He could be having a growth spurt, but I doubt he's teething (that being said, it's not impossible). I know how hard that pain can be, I feel for you, I really do. Before you experience it for yourself you have no idea how badly nipples can hurt but I remember having to clench my fist and bite it when my baby latched to keep from crying out.
It took my firstborn a long time to get the hang of a pacifier, it's just one of those things they have to get used to, and he will too. I'm sorry you're in pain though, there really is nothing like it. The thing I've learned about babies is that you go through hell sometimes and although it lasts forever, it end. That kept me going more than once.

Ashley said...

Been there, done that! I did want to say though, once I returned to work and was pumping alot more frequently, I went through the same situation. After finding out it wasn't thrush, I found I needed to go up a size in the breastshields, and it solved my soreness problems! Just wanted to mention that. I hope this eases up soon!

scarredbellybutton said...

My little guy is 6 days younger than yours and oh am I there with you with the sore nipples. The bath towel hurts them, the sheets, clothes etc etc.

Cloth breast pads are way more gentle than disposable ones, which I COULD NOT STAND.