Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Roly Poly

HFMD is still wrecking havoc in our household - fever is over but diarrhea still runs rampant, pardon the pun. There's nothing like waking up at 2am to pffft...squirt. He even has a gash on his nose from the midnight thrashing with those Freddie Kreueger talons of his - which Mommy is afraid to cut too low. But my little trooper never ceases to amaze me. Even while feeling like crud, he can still gather the strength to accomplish a new milestone.

Nate can officially roll both ways.

On Saturday night, I placed him down on the floor on his back for playtime. Playtime consists of me making absurd faces with equally ridiculous voices that prompt uncontainable squeals and giggles. After some toe-touching exercises, he suddenly whipped himself around, landing right onto his belly and nearly hitting his head on a nearby TV tray. Once he discovered that he was on his loathed stomach, he cried out for assistance in readjusting his position.

Yes, this is an important milestone. As is tummy to back rolling, which he has been able to do since October. But Nate is inconsistent with these activities. Sometimes he will roll like a pro and other times he will be stubborn as an ass and lie there whimpering as if he simply cannot move himself and how dare I challenge him this way. It's almost as if he just needs to reassure himself. To prove he can do it at least once to refute any doubts regarding his abilities. Then, with an inexplicable, flagrant disregard for his competence, he seemingly loses interest and is on to the next new mission - whatever that may entail. A touch of ADD, I assume?

In all actuality, I am somewhat relieved by his fickle nature. I can still leave him unattended on his blanket or playmat to throw some clothes in the wash or answer the door and return to him in the same exact position. As long as this is an option, I shall retain my freedom.


Fertilized said...


Denise said...

So sorry you are still dealing with the HFMD. Diarrhea is awful for Nate and not fun for you to clean up!

It is so cool to hear about Nate's milestones.

infertility just sucks said...

My kid hasn't rolled any which way yet but I find myself totally unconcerned - which is SO unlike me.

I know she'll do it and in the meantime I am also enjoying the whole, "she can't move!" portion of parenting her.

Things will get nutty once she's on the move. I'm cherishing these still moments.

And the HFMD? SUCKAGE. Was so sorry to read about it.

Courtney said...

That rolling over thing is so exciting to watch (our little one has only done it 5 or 6 times) but the mobility factor really does frighten me. Once they are rolling all about, the days of multitasking are over!

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

Lemy is the same way! She's rolled a handful of times but is generally more concerned with crawling and eating her feet. I expected that she would be rolling all over, but alas she cares little to do so.

Happy New Year!!! ((HUGS))

Geohde said...


One of my twins tests the heck out of my reflexes. The other rolls when she thinks I'm not looking and won't help.