Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We Have A Winner

Alison at (un)complicate me!

Here are your random numbers:
Timestamp: 2008-12-15 14:39:01 UTC

Step right up, darlin' and claim your prize! Hopefully, I'll be responsible for yet another BabyLegs convert.

I have to say I'm diggin' mine. Not only are the patterns and colors cute - it's so hard to choose! - but they're functional too. Perfect to wear alone with a onesie or as an extra layer for cold weather days like today, when Mother Nature can't decide whether snow, sleet or rain fits the bill. If you have a baby who has an advantage in the height department as I do, you'll know how pants can ride up and leave those little ham hocks exposed to the elements. BabyLegs solve this problem quite simply.

And now that Nate has discovered he can grab his feet - and consequently pull off any article of cloth which should cover them - they help to keep his socks in place and his tootsies warm.

Not to mention that they make diaper changes a breeze. Considering Nate poops at least 3-4 times a day, it's nice not to have to constantly fight to take pants on and off of a fidgety baby.

No, BabyLegs hasn't paid me to endorse their product. But nonetheless I'm glad I invested in these. I think they'll come in even more handy once we enter the crawling phase.

Some of you have also inquired about my birthday gift. DH bought it from this seller on my newly acquired addiction, Etsy. It appears she has closed up shop for the holidays but will be reopening in January 2009. The price is reasonable, the quality is fantastic, and shipping was timely so I highly recommend her. But there are also many other great styles to consider if you perform a search using the keywords "mommy necklace".

Well, I should get back to some last-minute online Christmas shopping before the shipping deadlines expire. Why is it that every year I have the best intentions to finish up early yet I always seem to be stuck in a frenzy, frantically filling out credit card information or waiting in atrocious lines in the eleventh hour?


Fertilized said...

i am a babylegs lover myself! For the same reasons (minus the one about sleet/snow)

alison said...

OMG!! I'm SO excited Kristen!!! :) Cletus is giving you a gigantic wiggly thank you from the depths of my belly. :o)

This is seriously funny to me because I had that show me your tree giveaway today and my magical winner was also #5! I'm cracking up about how things come full circle sometimes.

Ok I'll email you. *hugs*