Friday, April 24, 2009

Smelling the Roses

The weather today was the kind you wish you could bottle up and save for a rainy day. Low 70's. Not hot. Not cold. Just clear with a warm summer breeze. Pure perfection.

I couldn't resist taking Nate out for an afternoon stroll. Traveling through a neighborhood hidden behind our community, I found a trail that led to the local parks and recreation, as well as the public library. The few passerbys I encountered on our trek volunteered friendly smiles accompanied with "Hello" or "Beautiful day, isn't it?" Have I mentioned that I adore our new abode? In the city, everyone is too busy yapping on a cell phone to be amiable or polite. But here in quintessential suburbia, people take the time to show courtesy to a stranger. At the grocery checkout or restaurant, a transaction can take a bit longer as conversation strikes. Quite frustrating at times, especially if I have a squirming baby in my arms and am in a hurried state. The pace is much slower here than what I'm used to. But, it's a pleasant change to live where people are genuine. It truly restores my faith in my fellow manhood.

I noticed Nate's eyelids getting heavy but every slight bump would enliven him. My pace was a tad too fast. I slowed my gait and right as rain, he fell asleep.

We've probably all heard it said that having a baby forces you to slow down. To appreciate the little things that often go unnoticed. Instead of blindingly whizzing by in an attempt to burn off the caloric excess of my lunch, I slowed down to relish the quiet. As a result, I noticed so much more of my surroundings.

There were faint sounds of laughter and horseplay coming from the direction of the playground. I could hear rustling of woodland creatures as we drifted past their territory. The wind whistled through the trees, making the leaves dance. Water rippled lightly on the lake. It was nature at its finest. So peaceful. It was infectious.

I stopped to smell the roses. And it was sweet. I can't wait for our next reunion.

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Katie said...

What a lovely post. I could have written it myself, though probably not as well! I took Will for a walk the other day and was also going too fast. . . I slowed down to let him look around and the flowers, the birds, the blue sky, and I really started seeing it myself. Isn't the world so much more amazing through their eyes?