Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th

I hope everyone had (or is having) a safe, happy 4th of July!

Last year on this day, I remember my belly looking as if I were smuggling a watermelon and my feet so swollen that my toes resembled little vienna sausages. Too much taco dip I recall. I couldn't drink then and I didn't drink today. But at least I could indulge in all the food I wanted and still recognize my extremities.

Fireworks are still exploding outside of my living room window and I can see the flashes of colored light between our venetian blinds. The boy is currently checking his eyelids for pinholes after our long day. The noise doesn't seem to be affecting him. Score.

As I was rocking him to sleep tonight, I realized that this holiday would be his last "first". It made the day a little bittersweet but I took heart knowing we celebrated the day to the fullest.

Here are some outtakes:

You know you're in Maryland when crab is served as dinner
and dessert

Daddy trying to coax a smile...unsuccessfully

Ahh, but Mommy has the magic touch!

Happy 4th of July, everybody!

To the little man that colors my world - I love you more than words can say. Happy first Independence Day.


Shelli said...

Love the pics!!

Yes, I'm still reading along, just been crappy at commenting. Hope you had a great weekend!

Stephanie said...

He sure is a cutie!

Happy 4th of July!

P.S. I think you have the "mommy" and "daddy" sentences "mixed up." ;)

Kristen said...

Thanks, girls!

Steph - I was talking about who was behind the lens but I could see where that might be confusing! I didn't think about that before.