Thursday, October 30, 2008

High Roller

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a milestone.

Nate rolled from tummy to back tonight.

He had only been able to make it about halfway up until this point, landing on his side and becoming too discouraged to manuever further. So, when I laid him on his belly for his nightly tummy time, I wasn't expecting him to twist his torso and push off with his legs like he had been training for this Olympic moment. I barely had enough time to call out to DH to witness the main event.

As he swiftly rolled onto his back and the cheers erupted, the shock set in and Nate's bottom lip puckered out. The inevitable tears followed. But after some comfort in the arms of his Daddy, he smiled proudly. It was as if he knew what feat he had just accomplished.

My baby boy really is growing up right before my eyes.


Geohde said...

One of my two rolls- and she gets in such an amazing snit Every Single Time.

I'm dreading walking :)


Kim said...

Isn't it so sad? M has been rolling tummy to back for a few weeks, but I was totally in denial at first. It's strange that she can do THAT, but she can't hold her HEAD up. Crazy girl

Two Hands said...

Congrats to the little athlete!
I missed my little one rolling over, I turned and she was on her back.
There is so much to look forward to....

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

YAY for Nate! Lemy is just not interested in rolling, though she does it on the bed all the time. When we move her to the floor she just looks longingly at whatever is in front of her and "swims" to try and get it.