Monday, November 24, 2008

The Absent-Minded Mother

Okay, today I've officially earned the right to wear the dunce cap.

After yet another night of dismal sleep, I found myself pushing the snooze button one too many times. As a result, I was rushing to get out the door and off to work post haste. I ensured I had my purse, coat, mittens - it was a frigid 30 degrees this morning - and even a few bills that needed to be paid and mailed.

I scurried to my frost-covered car and drove off in a mad dash to beat the clock. Traffic was kind and I pulled into my parking spot just as the clock struck 9. It was then I looked to my passenger seat and had an epiphany.

I had forgotten my breastpump.

Luckily, I had just breastfed a half hour previously and was able to put in a couple of hours' work before making the trek back home to retrieve it. It was quite a fun lunch break to spend 50 minutes driving and 10 minutes scarfing down Subway.

I guess I should start using post-it note reminders or checklists now that my preggo brain has resurfaced.


Kim said...

I was absolutely reading that first paragraph thinking you had forgotten your CHILD! Ha! Then I literally gasped and said out loud, 'phew! just the breastpump!'

Geohde said...

I could see how that could be a problem- glad you got it in time before your boobs exploded :)


Emily said...

argh!! There's nothing more frustrating!

I often forgot the caps to the bottles..imagine driving home trying not to spill your precious milk!