Friday, November 7, 2008

Teething Bites

As illustrated from the Wordless Wednesday pictorial, Nate's teefers seem to be slowly elevating to his gum line. I can't quite see any buds so I know they aren't close to popping through just yet. But all the signs are there that the toothless grin I love so much may soon accommodate some tenants.

Irritability, sometimes during feeds. Check.

Secreting drool like a Pavlovian dog. Check.

Coughing and gagging on said saliva. Check.

Chin rash and chapped skin around mouth. Check.

Gnawing his hands like a rabid animal. Check.

He starts out modestly, chomping just the digits...

But then the greedy little monkey gobbles his entire fist.

From the looks of his onesie, bibs shall now be a staple in our household.

I've tried chilled teethers, but Nate's not really a fan. I did go to the drugstore and purchase these, which had been recommended to me by BTDT mommies. I'm also considering a baltic amber teething necklace that many women I know have sworn by. I'd prefer to try homeopathic options before resorting to Baby Orajel or other medications. If all else fails, there's always Tylenol.

I had my first "bad mommy moment" last night while sitting in the recliner, browsing the web with Nate on my lap. He was consuming his appendages, as is his M.O. of late. I thought nothing of it until I glanced down and noticed a smear of blood across his left cheek, resembling a smudge of lipstick. Since we haven't - to my knowledge - exposed him to the world of cross-dressing, I reacted the way any other mother would. I shrieked in horror, scrutinizing every body part to see what could possibly be the culprit of the ghastly stain.

Turns out his fingernails, which I had just trimmed three days prior, had nicked the roof of his mouth. Therefore, his excessive hand-to-mouth coordination was to blame. I placed some mittens on him to prevent further damage and hoped it would speed healing of the wound. I was much more distraught than my little man, who was perfectly content as long as his hands weren't amputated.

Needless to say, fingernail trimmings will now occur twice weekly.

If his fingers can withstand the biting, that is.


Geohde said...

Oh my.

You've just put slow on the uptake me on the road to understanding why one of my twins is coating my carpets in slobber....


Geohde said...

It's handy having a fellow blogger who has spawn precisely the same age :)

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

Lemy is doing the exact same thing at the moment. And she wants to nurse constantly. It's just exhausting, really.

And your no alone with the finger nail issues--Lemy is like a mini-Freddie Kruger. :P

Ashley said...

I second the Hylands. Wyatt got his first tooth in at 4 months then his second almost two weeks later. They helped alot. As for the teething necklace, I ordered one and just waiting for it to come in. I have heard nothing but rave over them. You can read what some other mamas have said about theirs:

Also, use coupon code DS to get 20% off at Inspired by Finn! :]

I agree with trying more natural things before going towards medication. I will let you know how mine works once I get it! I also ordered the hazelwood that is suppose to be good for not only teething, but reflux.

Mel said...

Oh boy! Isn't it fun? We are going through the exact same thing down to the fingernails. Jax has a big cut across his chin from trying to cram his fingers in his mouth with his monster claws that grow at lightening pace. :)

Polka Dot said...

hah your stories always make me grin. He's such a cutie.

Barb said...

He's looking a lot like you. :)

Somewhat Ordinary said...

This teething thing sucks! Baby M will go through a week or two like this where everyone swears to me a tooth is going to pop and still nothing-magically all symptoms disappear only to rear their ugly head a week later.

Fertilized said...

argh..i loathe teething ...