Monday, November 10, 2008

Important Bits 'O Info

1. DH got a job offer.

2. With my company.

3. He has accepted.

Only slightly more money. No financial freedom by any means. But it will be a change in atmosphere, which is considered imperative at this current point in time. And he will still be allowed one day a week to telecommute.

His boss was not surprised in the least. He patted DH on the back and wished him well. Of course, there were no counteroffers made. No begging or pleading to stay. Just a request to extend his employment beyond the two-week courtesy. Take and take with no give until the bitter end.

DH, however, has insisted his last day will be November 21st. Standing firm. After all, they did cut his paternity leave short. Time with our newborn son that he'll never get back. Enough is enough.

Shall he endure endless ridicule over the fact that his wife found him a job? Have I threatened his masculinity? Pilfered his testosterone? Oh well. Is it wrong I have no sympathy regarding gender bias?

You may be wondering how I feel about sharing my work space with my husband. I've deliberated on the issue. My disposition at work and at home differ slightly. I'm much more Type-A at work. A perfectionist. Organized. Focused. At home, I am relaxed. At ease. A bit disheveled, but without much care. I've never really had to share both sides of myself with him before. Sure, he's seen both escape from my grip from time to time. But he's never been involved with my multiple personalities on a daily basis. Would he change his perception of me? Would I see a side of him I wish he hadn't revealed?

My job was my time. I liked having my separate interests. My independent relationships. A career all to myself. Selfish as that may be. I had to delve into my childhood lessons library to find the will to share.

But I had an epiphany. I am not and I will continue not to be defined by my spouse. I am a unique entity. I have proven my talent, sharpened my skills and laid the foundation of my position. My accomplishments could never be compromised or challenged unless it were my doing.

We work in vastly different fields - he in IT and I in marketing. While we will share space in the infinite land of the cube farm, we will be working far enough apart not to impede one other. His projects will not intercede mine and vice versa. And since I will only be in the office twice a week, we may only cross each other during company meetings or on our ways to the restroom or to the water cooler or coffee maker.

I did spoil the fun by reminding him there will be absolutely no quickies in the supply closet. Not that it was ever a serious consideration, but I'm sure his weiner would have no qualms about it should we obtain unfettered access with no consequence.

All in all, we are very happy and much more secure.

Just ask me if I still feel that way in 3 weeks after I've gotten a healthy dose of reality.


Fertilized said...

Congrats to you both

Polka Dot said...

That's awesome. I'm glad he made the choice to move on and suck with it.

Yay for you both!

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

It sounds that it will be a great setup for you both. I'll be thinking of you and hoping that you have a smooth transition. ((HUGS))

alison said...

Yay for a new job and good luck with co-habitating at work. :) j and I met at the company he still works for, and worked together for a year and a half before I left (shortly after we got engaged). We were like 12 feet apart though and saw each other all day and all night and it blew. But it sounds like you guys have a plan worked out and things should be great! :)

JJ said...

Congrats to DH! Hoping that it will work out great for both of you!

Emily said...

hooray for DH!! i'm giggling because my mind went to "a quickie in the supply closet" when you were talking about passing each other on the way to the restroom, water cooler, etc.. hehehe..

congrats on the feeling of security! You and he deserve it!

chicklet said...

That's great news. My husband and I work together, and actually end up working on a lot of the same things together. Parts of it is fun cuz you can REALLY gossip about people cuz you both know them, and parts of it is hard cuz something like wanting to leave work can be hard cuz someone (hint hint, HIM) won't leave when you want to. Mostly though, it works really well. So you'll do fine:-)

Somewhat Ordinary said...

That is great and in this economy the fact he got something that is even a little more money is fantastic!

Denise said...

Hey there, just catching up on my reading. I'm so glad DH is heading to a better job and things are feeling more secure. My DH and I used to work together, but it is a bit different since that is where we met. There may be complications working in the same environment, but you will work through them just like everything else.