Thursday, November 6, 2008

That's a Nice Way of Putting It

It appears that medical professionals have now applied an alias to the abyss of clusterf#$% feeding and erratic agitation otherwise known as growth spurts. They are now referred to as wonder weeks.

More like a pseudonym. Take it from me - there is nothing wonderful about a "wonder week". But it's nice to see the glass half full. And reassuring to know there's a legitimate reason behind the torment.

The theory is that there are predictable weeks during the first year of a child's life where they may be more fussy or demanding as they make progress in their cognitive and physical development. They will have seemingly regressed in their behavioral pattern as they attempt to comprehend this next milestone. Once they have completed a phase of growth, they will have what is referred to as "sunny weeks", during which babies exercise their new skills and are less temperamental.

Looking back at their timeline, it does appear to hold water. Remember this post from 12 weeks?

I suppose I should enjoy these so-called sunny weeks because in approximately 2 weeks, we'll be thrust back into pandemonium.


Kim said...

Just take it day by day. You can get through anything. Both of you.


Geohde said...

Wonder weeks?

Oh, my.


Grad3 said...

I think it would be better described as "wonder how mothers don't kill themselves week". Just sayin'---

Mel said...

I am reading the book "Wonder Weeks" right now. It is right on for us. It does seem to make sense though I don't know if knowing what's coming helps or not. In some ways it will help me worry less and it gives ideas for how to help them through specific weeks but still...maybe ignorance is bliss. ;)