Sunday, May 31, 2009

Aw, Nuts

It was only a matter of time before my little pioneer dredged the depths below to find the buried treasure otherwise known as the twig and berries. Bait and tackle. Package. Junk. Family jewels. Whatever term you fancy, the bottom line is that Nate has discovered "himself".

It all happened last week during bathtime. He was playing with a squirt toy between his legs and I assume either his hand or his toy brushed against the [insert figurative language here]. The sensation must have been enticing because from that point forward, he refused to let "it" escape his grasp. He engaged in pinching, twisting and pulling his anatomy as I winced in sympathy. I was an innocent bystander, beholding my 10-month old son treating his goods like a Stretch Armstrong doll.

I didn't stop him from his exploration. I realize it is a perfectly normal, healthy - and inevitable - part of development. Especially male development. I don't want him to grow to be ashamed of his body or embarrassed. I don't want him to think of masturbation as dirty or disgusting - only that it should be something done in private.

I had a flash-forward moment, envisioning Nate as a hedonistic teenager and walking in on him in an American Pie-esque scenario. I must have turned seven shades of red as I pondered what I would do in such a situation. I promised myself I will always knock before entering.

I guess I was just caught a little off guard. He had never shown any interest in the past, despite countless diaper changes and naked time. I thought it would be awhile before the time I had to explain the technicalities of our body parts.

Every bathtime since has involved some sort of penile reconnaissance. Some of the expeditions last longer than others. But it is now a part of our routine, like shampooing.

I now have the dilemma of what to officially call "it" down there. Should I call "it" by the proper biological names? Or should I assign "it" a cutesy nickname, like "pee-pee", "wee-wee" or "willy"? I am strongly leaning toward proper terms. My reason being because, well, the parts are what they are. Why add to the confusion with various nicknames that will only be replaced eventually with their respective anatomical definitions?

The joys of raising a boy. It's only just beginning. That I'm sure of.


Melissa said...

Your post definitely has me giggling! I remember when my cousin's son discovered his own goodies - he was about the same age that Nate is. I have heard that "playtime" only gets more frequent with age! ;-)

Good for you for not intervening. Totally natural!

Fertilized said...

Oh you are lucky that he waited this long to discover them. Diaper changes over the past 4 month-ish have been challenging due to the discovery. I think I am leaning towards the proper name too. For those very same reasons. Right now, I just don't say anything unlesa it's "no-no" during a diaper change.

Congrats and Good luck

alison said...

Yikes. :) This is what I have to look forward to? Can't they just stay 3 months old? Let us know what you decide, I need all the help I can get!

Mel said...

Giggling over with red cheeks here indeed! I have no idea how to handle the situation, but I loved this post.

Kim said...

My only advice is that we tried using proper names, too. But it didn't work out well socially - it just doesn't sound kosher to hear your 2 year old telling everyone in the grocery store that their vagina itches :O). So we use pee-pee or 'girl parts'. But at 4, it's not exactly something we reference anyway.. even in a bathroom situation, I can usually just give any needed directions without ever even using a word. We don't have a word for 'boy parts' because we don't have boys!

Christina said...

I think my SIL calls it a wee wee or pee pee. My nephew has been touching his for almost 3 years straight. She just tells him that touching his pee pee is only okay while in the bath or in his own bed at night, otherwise he'd be touching it all day long.

Katie said...

Will found his awhile ago, and I remember so very many of these same thoughts running through my head. We decided to go with the proper name for it, but I think it's all just a personal preference. Of course, one of the shortened names of William is Willie, so we will be steering clear of that one! :)

Geohde said...

I am rather juvenile, I giggled.

I won't tell you what girls do to their bits, but believe me when I say they also explore rather thoroughly.

PS. the word verification (I am not fibbing) is 'packin'

sacredandscarred said...

TTG has been going the grab for months. Bit inconvenient when he does so while he's peeing though (we EC).

We're a "proper names" household so it's penis/scrotum/testicles and vagina/vulva here.

Somewhat Ordinary said...

As soon as the diaper comes off in our household the hands are there. It is like a magnet is attached to both ends! I guess you just gotta let 'em explore so they don't ever feel ashamed!

P.S. my verification is squismat...thought it was sort of funny!

Heather said...

Too cute! I was changing Liam's diaper in the NICU two nights ago and he's already started grabbing at his parts. Cracked me up.

But I applaud you for your healthy attitude. We have an 8 year old girl and she knows the real term for her girl part, but then we also call it her "private parts" since it's not all vagina down there. Plus it helped us have a discussion when she was younger about that they were "private for her only" and if anyone other than us helping clean her bothered her private parts to let us know and we'd take care of it.

So I like using the real anatomical term and the term "private parts".

Artblog said...

Yup, yup, baby D too ;) He first discovered something between his legs in the bath one day and started pulling at it probably not conscience that it was not in fact a toy but rather, attached to his body.

Then whenever I change his diaper, he peers down to see if its still there :)

It's funny, but its true, girls do the same with theirs :)