Saturday, May 23, 2009

Friendly Rivalry

Perhaps my latest admission is a bit of a faux pas. But here goes anyhow.

Parenting sometimes feels like a competition. There. I said it.

The coveted prize: the MVP trophy. Most Valuable Parent, that is.

Sure, DH and I are cordial. We realize it is of the utmost importance that our son bond with each of us, equally. And we respect that. We may even enjoy witnessing said bonding with the auxiliary parent. For a moment.

But at the same time, we vie for Nate's affection. We secretly want him to prefer us. Selfish? Yes. Wrong? Probably. But true regardless. After all, who wouldn't want to be the center of his world? When he smiles and giggles, it's like a natural aphrodisiac. Neither of us can get enough. Especially when we're the wizard behind the curtain, evoking those delightful grins and squeals.

So, what exactly is the scoreboard status? It seems we're tied for today. 1-1.

I was in an early lead, as Nate woke for the day, babbling "mama" incessantly despite numerous fruitless "dada" cues. But my lead was soon shattered when DH returned home from work. I was mincemeat as he was greeted with unbridled jubilee to which I have never been a part.

We just volley back and forth. One point here. One point there. Neither a clear victor although we both keep a mental count.

You are probably mulling over how appalling we are. Deeming us unfit parents. But the old adage goes, "competition breeds success". By observing our significant others (or alternative caretakers) with our precious little ones, we can strive to be better. Watching from the sidelines, I discover new parenting tactics and strategies. Watching him quiet down as Grandma swings him to and fro. Spotting him nodding off as DH bounces him just so on his knee. Seeing him laugh while playing peek-a-boo with a friend. Without those "wish-I-had-thought-of-or-done-that", enviable moments, I may never grow to be the mom I aspire to be.

And while our petty jealousy will most likely continue to bubble under the surface, the bottom line is we are both winners.

The final score? Love-love.


Fertilized said...

Cute post!

Stacie said...

What a sweet post! (and oh, so true at our house, too! today I'm in the lead! ahem.)